Sunday, December 29, 2019

Changes Of The American School System - 1210 Words

Changes need to be made in American school systems. In fact, once American schools are reformed it would make it easier for those who want to learn receive an education. In the essay, â€Å"Lets’ Really Reform Our Schools† by Anita Garland, Garland explains why schools need to be reformed. Garland claims that American schools are in trouble and that they are a disaster. Garland also mentions that one needs to restructure his thinking about the whole purpose of going to school. To start off, attendance shouldn’t be mandatory and one must stop forcing students to attend school. Next, cafeteria lunch is always a big problem with students. Students are hyped up with all the salty, sugary, and fattening lunch. Not to mention, dress code has always†¦show more content†¦Ã¢â‚¬Å"But as the old saying goes, your rights stop where the next guy’s begin (620).† Garland explains how every student who wants an education regardless of their inabilities sho uld always find a way to receive an education. Mandatory attendance is outrageous and forcing students to go to school won’t improve their grades. On the other hand, I remember when I used to go to high school and I witnessed how my friends thought attendance was a big joke. My classmates would always show up late or not even bother to show up. Participation points weren’t a big deal in Hope Academy since all of the courses were online. It didn’t take long before the school started to enforce strict rules. If students don’t want to attend school, don’t show up. I feel that mandatory attendance is outrageous. One who wants to learn will find a way to receive an education. Mandatory attendance just gives the trouble makers an opportunity to waste everyone’s time for those who really want to learn. To sum up, mandatory attendance shouldn’t be allowed. Schools are learning centers that provide student’s education they aren’ t centers of entertainments. Garland also talks about school cafeterias and how they serve unhealthy food. Most students are always worried about what’s for lunch. Students lose concentration right before the bell rings to rush to lunch and even after lunch. I agree with Garland, I like how she talks about school lunch being

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