Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Modern Art Movement in Russia Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Modern Art Movement in Russia - Essay Example The essay "Modern Art Movement in Russia" investigates Russian modern art movement. Modernism thus, broadly defined all the significant social changes pertaining to arts, culture, literary writings, architecture, and religious beliefs that rebelled against the theory of realism and all other conservative traditions, which took place at the turn of the nineteenth century. The proponents of this theory felt that all traditional forms of art, architecture, religious and social norms were losing relevance in the modern industrial age, and thus must be changed. Modernism to some extent rejected the philosophy of Enlightenment, and completely denied the existence of the powerful creator, God. It questioned all the theories of the past era, and believed in the theory of self consciousness. It is this belief that led to various experiments in the field of art and led to the formation of what is known as ‘abstract art’. In Russia, this wave of modernism in the world of art, is al so known as avant-garde, and it broke away from all traditional and old forms, creating a new style that was more connected to the daily lives of the common people, encouraging works on folk art and icon painting. Till the 1910s, the Russian avant-garde movement focussed itself primarily on village life, religion, urban life; but later on as social movement became more oriented towards bringing about reforms for the industrial workers, the Russian avant-garde artists moved towards the factory settings and the frantic pace of the urban lives.

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